Software Release: Inkscape 0.46

Few days ago, Inkscape 0.46 was released. I used the older 0.45.1 release and I really liked it. But right now, I'll share my thoughts on the new release. So, here they are:

  1. The very first thing I noticed was the new icons. Yes, it's not really an important improvement, but it surely looks good.
  2. Second thing I noticed, was the dockable tool windows. I think this is one very important improvement - you can't get lost in the zillions of open tool windows anymore.
  3. Third thing was the new drawing tools, here are the ones that got my attention:
    • 3D Box - well, I don't make three-dimensional illustrations, so it's not really important to me, but it surely is cool!
    • Paint Bucket - now that's the tool I really like, because I won't have to make those paths by hand, anymore.
    • Tweak - tweak tool is also very nice, it speeds up the work, when you need to tweak more than one path at the same time.
  4. There is a huge amount of other improvements, that I will not cover here. I'll just point you to the Release Notes, that explain them all.
Unfortunately, I also have to mention one bug that I found after playing with Inkscape's new release for 10 minutes. I wanted to add some text to my illustration, and then I wanted to change the font - that didn't work. I don't really know why this is happening, but on my machine - the only way to change the font is to change it manually in SVG file. Other than that - I really love the new Inkscape.

Once again, open source community has done a really great job. Don't wait - grab the new Inkscape 0.46 and enjoy the power of vector graphics! ;)


I have a Job now!

Again, I have to apologize for the silence. It's becoming a habit, or something...

I have a good reason this time. I have Job! It is my dream job, really. I'll get to make desktop applications in C#. Sure, it'd be more interesting to make games, but I can't really complain - they gave me Visual Studio 2008 Professional, so I won't be struggling with the limitations of Express Editions. :P

So, in my last post, I promised you something about subversion, python and other open source projects. Well, this time, I'll have to promise you something about C#. ;)