Python 3.0 is finally out!

Finally, we have Python 3.0! I wonder, when will the IronPython catch up with the changes...

Btw, I was looking at NSIS the other day and I started wondering - why aren't there any install systems, that would use python as their scripting languages? I mean, this would give the power of python for the install script (classes, functions, standard library) and it would still be able to generate a native executable file (py2exe anyone?) - the setup program. Also, python is portable - it shouldn't be hard to port this kind of install system to other platforms!


kichik said...

I can tell you at least for NSIS the case is of size. Most users won't be too happy about their installer growing by a minimum 2mb for the runtime and even more for the libraries.

Paulius Maruška said...

Haven't you heard? Size doesn't matter! :)

Seriously, with the internet connections of today - I really don't think that the extra few megabytes matters. Of course, if your application is only 500KB, and the installer adds another 3MB - that would be... Weird. But If your app is at least 20MB, then the few extra MB wouldn't really change anything.

kichik said...

Haven't you heard? That's an excuse used by those who can't! :)

3mb out of 20mb is still a large cut and storage and bandwidth still costs, especially in high volumes. But you can always use nsPython or nsPerl if you really want.

Paulius Maruška said...


Well, yes, there's nsPython, but it isn't really what I was thinking about - you still have to write some NSI code to describe wizard pages, configurations and files - you can't really do that from python.

I was thinking of an installer that you would write by inheriting a few classes and defining a few methods in them (all in python).

Also, the python size overhead could probably be reduced, if the installer would link to python static library, instead of the DLL.