Subversion and Vault (again)

Ok, the two readers that I have might think I'm crazy or something. But I'm starting to dislike Vault again. I know, I know... This time, it's the "Add solution to Vault" thing that got me on the edge.

In subversion, if you need to add a new project or a solution - you simply check-out the directory that will contain this project or solution. You copy the directory of the project or solution in there with all of it's sub-directories. You do a few svn add -N commands and a few svn propset or svn porpedit commands (to set the correct svn:ignore's and, possibly, other properties - like mime-type etc.) and then you commit the changes. That's it!

In Vault, however, this is much easier. Ahem. You just start the Vault client... You wait for the client to start... For about 2 minutes... You right click on the directory that will contain the project and choose Add Files/Folders, now you just navigate to the right directory, select it, select the right files and click on the OK button. Now, you wait... Wait and pray, because 90% of the times, Vault will fail with some very unclear error message...

So, the task of importing one solution with a few projects into the repository - the task that would take no more than 5 minutes on subversion - it takes 2 to 4 hours on Vault... Well, if I had to do this again on Vault, I wouldn't even bother to do it this way. Now I know, that the best method is by creating a fresh solution in Visual Studio, importing that empty solution into Vault, and then just adding projects and files into it. I wish I knew this before, though.

I don't know... How many more times does Vault have to disappoint me and my colleagues, before we will switch to subversion?


Paul R said...

What version of Vault are you using? This is *so* far from our normal, expected behavior -- have you talked to SourceGear support about this?

Paulius Maruška said...

No I haven't talked to anyone.

I don't even remember all of the error messages... It was something Project/Solution already being in vault. I am sure, however, that this solution were not in Vault (because I was the one who created it few days ago).